About Us

Founded in 2011 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, the Randy Snow Push Forward Foundation is a living legacy to Randy’s indomitable spirit, pioneering leadership and inspiring generosity. The qualities that made Randy great are now promoted around the world by people who share his vision, through the foundation that bears his name.

Randy envisioned a world in which those with physical disabilities have equal opportunity to achieve their lifetime goals through sports. Fulfilling that dream is the mission of the Randy Snow Push Forward Foundation – a dynamic partnership organization designed to inspire athletic and academic goals in people with physical disabilities.


Our vision is a world where everyone that experiences unplanned circumstances has the opportunity to Re-Dream new and prosperous life paths.


To provide people with physical disabilities equal opportunity to achieve their athletic and academic lifetime goals through sports.


Dedicated to the promotion, development and support of National and Paralympics sports programs through education, scholarships, dynamic partnerships and public awareness.


  • Attitude
  • Accountability
  • Education
  • Integrity
  • Peak performance
  • Strength of teamwork

Core Principles

Conduct programs and support established recognized charitable organizations serving disabled youth and adults with programs focused on Paralympic sport, outdoor recreation, physical education, and scholarship.

Support the educational dreams of Paralympic athletes as well as the young persons from the Terrell, Texas area who have demonstrated the ability to overcome adversity in pursuit of their dreams.


Board of Directors