Athletes without disabilities and their coaches have myriad of sport specific development programs, training camps, summer camps, coaches’ education and certification programs, with monetary support to excel in their selective sport. Athletes with disabilities have very few resources to develop in competitive sport. Therefore, the Randy Snow Push Forward Foundation will develop, promote and expand a series of wheelchair tennis camps and coaches’ wheelchair tennis certification programs to expand the opportunity to individuals with disabilities.

Wheelchair Tennis Camps and Clinics
Athletic camps and clinics will be based on the wheelchair tennis curriculum developed by Randy Snow and Dr. Bal Moore through their instructional book titled, “Wheelchair Tennis – Myth to Reality.”


  • Wheelchair Tennis Clinic: RSPFF Wheelchair Tennis Clinics are half-day to one day programs. They will run at least 4 hours and facilitate introductory wheelchair tennis skills.
  • Wheelchair Tennis Camps: RSPFF Wheelchair Tennis Camps are weekend programs. They will run from Friday evening (3 hours), Saturday (6 hours), and Sunday (3 hours)


Randy Snow Memorial Wheelchair Tennis Clinic and Tournament in El Salvador

When he passed away in November 2009, Randy Snow was conducting a wheelchair tennis clinic in El Salvador as an ambassador from the International Tennis Federation. The El Salvador Tennis Federation held a memorial service and renamed the annual Tennis Clinic “The Randy Snow Memorial Wheelchair Tennis Clinic and Tournament.”

The RSPFF (in partnership with the International Tennis Federation and the El Salvador Tennis Federation) will support the design, develop, and implementation of the Randy Snow Memorial Wheelchair Tennis Clinic and Tournament.