Randy Snow left enduring fingerprints on the athletic world and the lives of millions who were enriched by his leadership, fun-loving personality and inspiring spirit.

Randy was born into a large and very active Texas family. By age 16, he was a ranked tennis champion on his way to a college scholarship. His journey changed abruptly one day on a local farm, when he was crushed by a falling half-ton bale of hay.

His legs were paralyzed, but not his passion to achieve. After months of intensive rehabilitation with support from family and friends, Randy began to adjust to his new life using a wheelchair, recognizing that everyone’s journey is full of unexpected twists and turns, requiring resilience to push forward.

Armed with his renewed zest for life, Randy pursued competitive wheelchair sports, where his talent, determination and extraordinary mental toughness helped him excel. He became a dominant national and international champion – the only athlete in history to medal in three different sports (tennis, basketball and racing) at three different summer Paralympic Games and one Olympic competition. So profound was Randy’s influence that he was honored in 2004 as the first Paralympic athlete inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame.

Randy’s success gave him a platform for advocacy, which he used to create countless athletic opportunities and shatter societal myths about disability. His leadership skills eased his transition from the arena of sports into the world of inspirational speaking, which he pursued just as aggressively as his sports – with relentless discipline and training. Ultimately, he founded his own motivational achievement company – NO XQs – and became a successful author.

Randy passed away in El Salvador in 2009 while conducting a wheelchair tennis clinic for children with physical disabilities. His final message speaks volumes to all who face adversity in life: “If your dreams are shattered by unplanned circumstances, you have the power to re-dream and create a new, prosperous path in life.”

We Miss you and your Dreams!